Hiring – Data Science – Create Examples in Python for Bayesian Data

Hiring – Data Science


-Write exemplary Python code samples, based on a seminal textbook on Bayesian data analysis.
-Write clean code following certain design patterns, with inline documentation.

Applicant will likely have a background in engineering, computer science, machine learning, or statistics. The more the better. “Background”, refers to either Coursers coursework, traditional BA/BS, MS, PhD, or work experience.

Artifacts to demonstrate your aptitude to succeed in this job include:

-Open source submission on github. Items in phyton or data analysis and machine learning are preferred.
-Data analyses on Kaggle datasets.
-Ability to Encode in TensorFlow and TensorFlow Probability in a Jupyter notebook.

Hours: Projects will have set milestones and deadlines, but there are no set hours and all contract work is self paced provided that deadlines are met.

Location: Remote/Ability to work from home from anywhere in the world. Must have reliable internet access as the projects will be managed and coordinated via email and teleconference if needed.

Contact: Send your resume/bio to Stacey Ecelbarger at Jobs@FreedomLearningGroup.com